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#1 Tue, Oct 6th, 2015 6:30 pm

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Police Brutality

I think cops serve a good purpose, to keep the rats from eating one another, but as with anything there's nutjobs in the pack of "protectors" that go batsh*t crazy and kill innocent people.  Something has to be done...

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Re: Police Brutality

I think in many cases, things are done.  We also have to consider that media is posted to sway the opinion of the viewer into believing brutality exists when in fact we don't know the details of the situation.  I am not saying it doesn't exist, but I am saying that everything viewed as information on social networks and independent sources is difficult to validate.  To be honest, it's almost difiicult to trust information in general as of late, as there's the leaning/bias of the media, and people posting biased and incomplete information as fact for their own personal reasons.

I feel law enforcement is important.  I also feel the pressure they feel has likely increased in relation to the lack of rationality and "I'm a victim" crying much of the public has done.  Sure, there are issues, and sure we need to fix them, but dramatization doesn't help with logical decision making.

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