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Some ideas.

In a perfect world, people would be logical and rational. People wouldn't kill one another because there would always be people around to talk to about a person's needs or angry feelings because communication on a real level would be encouraged.  Education and the growth of the mind would be supported. Instead of limited answers in a a book, schools would have discussion sessions and share ideas with one another.  The people who were appointed positions of responsibility and power would gather perspectives from the public in general to relate their decisions to a realistic level of influence.  The internet would have no "deep web", because drugs and the decisions to experiment with them would have a time and a place and be used responsibly, as they have for ages. Music and the arts would be less financially driven, and more culturally driven because enjoyment doesn't always need a price tag. Voting wouldn't be crooked because the people could easily overturn a government if it was corrupt. There would be a limit to how much a country could go in debt or how many weapons they could have. There would be limitations of what information was considered confidential as there are many things that don't threaten National Security that are currently considered "top secret".  Sports would be free to watch because people would value the players and the players would be playing for their love of the game instead of status and money. The list goes on.

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Re: Some ideas.

For a dude with such a scary dark avatar you sure do have some pleasant ideas. smile

Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.


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